Saturday, May 9, 2009

The waiting game

The waiting game to see if I get cleared to drive is on. I see my doctor on Monday, and I am not sure what he is going to say. I have become such a frequent visitor to my doctor's office that I feel like Norm from Cheers. I really like my doctor, and I have seen him so much he seems like someone who lives right next door to me. I hate taking up so much of my doctor's time, but what can I do?

I got in the driver's seat of my car ( I didn't actually drive; I can't do that until . . . well, you know the deal) and tried the pedals. My ankle was a little sore, and I wasn 't necessarily moving with the same speed that I usually move with. My vision was okay, but I did have some minor (very minor) double vision while sitting behind the wheel.

I am still trying to figure out what is going to happen with work. I am actually about to have my wife drive me out to my school so I can get some work to bring home. I can input grades, maybe read a paper or two, and work on revising the final exam. All of these things I was going to start when I returned to school last Monday, but you know what they say . . . best laid plans and all.

I am hoping I can get back to school this coming week. I miss my job and the students. They are in the final stretch and I just want to help them get across the line and finish. We will see what happens from here.

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