Friday, May 8, 2009

Feel the burn

Three days out of the hospital and I am slowly starting to have a decrease in the double vision. As for the other problems, like the headaches and the weakness, that may be a slightly longer road. I had PT for the first time yesterday. Read the title of this entry and you will get an idea of how I feel today. There is quite a bit of work to do on that front.

I have made appointments with doctors for the next few weeks, PT appointments, and all sorts of other appointments that deal with my condition. The one thing that they wanted me to check with was a Lyme disease specialist. I called one, but she didn't take insurance and it cost a bloody fortune. Check that one off my list. I have a list of other names to contact.

It just blows my mind how expensive it is to be sick. Thank goodness I have health insurance, because if I didn't . . . Whoa! But these are all the trials and tribulations that I have to face with my family. I know this will all get better . . . at some point. I am holdig on to hope that we will find the right combination of treatments.


  1. It's a nightmare of expenses and inscrutable paperwork, isn't it?
    Does your employer still have a sick day bank where people can donate unused sick days to each other? Or was that a kinder, gentler day?
    I'll probably send a friend who has struggled with Lyme over here to give suggestions. Her name is Sara.
    Hope the sunny weather helps lift your spirits!

  2. I need to be out 10 days in a row or 20 days inconsistently in order to be eligible for the sick bank. YEAHHHHHH!