Monday, April 27, 2009

A day without the cane

I decided today would be a good day to test my walking without the cane. There is probably no really good day to give it a shot, but the sun was out and it felt like a steam bath in my class, so why not. The good news is I made it until 2:00 PM without the cane (just some limping). Knowing there is good news, most people assume that there may be bad news as well. At 2:00 PM my knees and legs decided to weigh in on my little experiement. They weren't real happy. Now I am sitting and giving my legs the rest they need (and were demanding. If they go on strike, then I have some serious issues.).

I took my tired legs to see my family doctor today to fill him in on my trip to the big JH. I need to tell you how wonderful this doctor is. He has managed this case and kept pounding at things like it was his job (wait -- it is his job. My point is he was really, really, really, really excellent.). He gave me a script for PT, so I am going back to the balance activities, hand bikes, the crazy leg lifts and arm stretches, and the healing power of hard work.


  1. Hey there,

    I'm an IRL friend of your wife's and am praying for you guys to get this sorted out.

  2. Like Pkzcass I'm a friend of your wife's. She's been keeping us up to date and like her lots and lots of good vibes coming your way.